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Coordination, Organizations, Institutions and Norms


Coordination, organizations, institutions and norms are four key governance elements, and the COIN workshops constitute a space for debate and exploration of these four elements for the design and use of open systems. We seek to attract high-quality papers and an active audience to debate mathematical, logical, computational, methodological, implementational, philosophical and pragmatic issues related to the four aspects of COIN.

Current ICT solutions exhibit unprecedented levels of sophistication, only achievable via the interconnection of hundreds or thousands of software components. In many scenarios, these components are supplied by third parties and they may come and go (i.e., we have an open ecosystem of components), they may have various degrees of autonomy (i.e., they may not “do as told”), and they interact with one another as well as with digital and physical assets, whilst competing and/or collaborating to achieve individual and global goals. The design, engineering, analysis and verification (among other activities) of such systems require novel metaphors, formalisms, mechanisms, techniques, and tools stemming from the study of coordination, organisations, (artificial and electronic) institutions, and norms. More recently, a new generation of socio-technical systems, combining human and software participants and components, raise the importance of the study of the topics within the remit of the proposed workshop. This workshop, a long-standing satellite event of past versions of AAMAS, IJCAI and ECAI for more than 10 years, is to bring together researchers and practitioners in autonomous agents and multi-agent systems working on the scientific and technological aspects of social coordination, organizational theory, normative (multi-agent) systems, artificial or electronic institutions and norm-aware agents. This edition of COIN will be hosted by AAMAS 2017.

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